Papanui Club Chat Snippets
08 Feb 2022
Deryn introduced Bruce Holm and gave a brief summary of his long-time experience in tracing his family history.
Bruce began by showing us a selection of historical photographs depicting his grandmother with 5 of her 13 children. He followed this by giving us an account of his family’s history from the mid 1800’s and their journey from Ireland to Australia and subsequently to Hokitika.
He is preparing a book of his family’s history and has asked each of the current members of his family to contribute material, including photographs.
There are a number of sites from which to access family material including The National Library, Papers Past and Archway. The Seventh Day Adventist church also has a good repository of information.
Bruce then briefly covered the basics of following your family through DNA records.
Interestingly the human race shares 60% of its DNA with bananas, 61% with chickens and 98% with chimpanzees!
Charles thanked Bruce for his interesting and informative talk.
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Digital Marketing Results in Sale of 19 Footstools in 18 days
Gary Denhard’s Recycled Rimu Footstool project had been progressing however sales had stalled so Gary used his Digital Marketing skills to enhance the footstool project page on the club’s website to ensure they were found in Google searches and prospective customers could easily buy from the website.
He also tried selling through TradeMe and Facebook Marketing again.  As a result, he sold 19 footstools in 18 days which meant $1,242.08 has gone into club funds.
The total number of footstools sold to date is now 69. Gary’s work also increased the profile of the club’s website. If anyone does a search for Rotary Clubs in Papanui they will easily find the club website but you will also see a significant “profile box” filling the right hand side of the screen.
This does not happen with most other clubs.
Stuart was accompanied last week by Sheun Fasheun from Nigeria who works as a non-sworn in Police Officer. Sheun is interested in joining us as a member which we look forward to.
Our Speaker This Week
This Thursday the 11th our speaker is our very own Liz Courtney who will be sharing the wide range of activities involved in her current busy role as a trainer / facilitator in planning & delivering programmes that targets the learning and development of international Rotarians.
Papanui Bush BBQ
Our Rotary meeting on Thursday February the 17th will be a visit to Papanui Bush to see the recent developments.  This will include a Dedication of the new Mural Seats. 
We start with a BBQ followed by the opportunity to inspect the seats and garden. We also have special guests that night. 
The cost is $10 for BBQ.  Members please bring a salad.  Cutlery, plates and desert provided.
Please bring a seat, suitable footwear & your own drinks and make sure you reply to Deryn if you are not coming. 
Lois & Denis
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