Recycled Rimu Foot Stools and Step Stools delivered anywhere in New Zealand
Handy at Work
Recycled Rimu
Handy at Home
Handy for many uses no matter your age
Recycled Timber Footstool fundraiser for Papanui Rotary
These classic new footstools (or wooden stools) are made from recycled Rimu is available now. Delivered to anywhere in New Zealand.
Each footstool has it's own unique character due to the variety of beautiful Rimu grains and the style of each stool finishing.
The stools are created by Papanui Rotary Club and Kaiapoi Menz Shed as a fundraiser to help the community.
Sturdy and rugged. Over 110 stools have been sold in the last year with all proceeds going back to the community.
Useful for all ages and popular with:
  • Height  seekers. Each stool adds 20cm to your reach.
  • People wanting an under desk foot rest.
  • Older people needing height to help with cutting toe nails or lacing up shoes.
  • Curious & creative toddlers needing height to brush their teeth or help in the kitchen.
  • Save the planet  people who love recycling Every stool is made from recycled native timber.
  • Everyone who wants to help us help the community.
  • Evryone who wants something that lasts a lifetime.
  • Proud to be a kiwi, kiwis. Everything about these stools is New Zealand sourced and made.
  • Thoughtful gift givers. We believe a significant number of stools have been gifts.
This is a great gift which the whole family can use.
The stools have unique Rimu grains beautifully brought out with several coats of Danish Oil.
Each recycled native timber footstool is well made by many volunteers experienced in woodwork or carpentry and then they are oiled to a beautiful finish (with care) by Papanui Rotary Club Members.
The top measures 395 mm x 185 mm and the height is 210 mm. They can support a 120kg person.
It is almost impossible to get well-priced Rimu furniture these days and this is the handiest stool you will ever own. It gives short people an instant 20cm boost in height to reach items on high shelves, change light bulbs or smoke alarms.
Old people love them just to rest the legs while watching TV and they are great when cutting their toenails.
Kids can sit on them to play games and watch TV.
Toddlers learning to walk use them as walking frames as well as sleds (upside down) and a step-up to see what Mum is doing at the kitchen bench. 
The stools have been very popular with people who want a kitchen stool but want something beautiful instead of the cheap plastic stools avaiable.
VIDEO:   To see a cute video click on this "toddler using a footstool" video link or click here
They are also available as unfinished.
Price is only $75 finished with Danish Oil or $60 unfinished. $10 freight anywhere in South Island. $12 freight anywhere in North Island.
To buy a stool click here BUY NOW or to ask questions contact:
Gary Denhard Email: or Mobile: (021) 224 4804
Frequently Asked Questions in NZ about our footstools (or step stools)

Where does the recycled Rimu come from?

Our first batch of Recycled Rimu Footstools were created by the members of the Kaiapoi Menzshed, They have a lot of timber donated to them and included in their stocks were Rimu furniture items such as bed-ends and cupboards. Their stocks were a suitable size to be recycled into the Papanui Rotary Wooden Foot Stools.
Click on this link to Kaiapoi Menzshed where the recycled Rimu stool components were made.

What is the background to the handy recycled Rimu footstools?

A member of the Papanui Rotary Club made a wooden footstool during woodwork classes at Intermediate School in 1958. When he took the footstool home it was so popular he made several more in their garden shed for his Aunties and Uncles.
For over 50 years all branches of the family and all ages have used them.
He still has this original footstool (which is now 63 years old) and it is still used several times a week by the family.
He had the idea to build the same footstool using recycled native timber as a fundraiser for the Papanui Rotary Club. The challenge was to find the recycled native timber and find someone who could make the components for the Papanui Rotary Club Members to assemble and finish.
Through a “serendipitous encounter” with the Secretary of the Kaiapoi Menzshed the idea started to evolve where the two community groups could work together to do something which would, in the end, benefit the community.
As a result over 100 recycled Rimu footstools were made and are currently being sold successfully to a customer base who want a handy stool but want something elegant rather than plastic.
The price is very reasonable as most of the labour is donated.

What are people using the footstools (or step stools) for?

The main uses seem to be:
  • For shorter people to gain an instant 20cm in height to reach high shelves, some alarms, light bulbs etc. in their home.
  • For young children to stand on to brush their teeth or help Mummy or Daddy in the kitchen.
  • For children to sit on for games, meals in front of the tele, free up chairs for adults.
  • For office workers to rest their feet on under the desk to help their ergonomic posture when sitting at their desk.
  • For toddlers to use as a toy. To place upside down and use as a ride, to sit in and support their back, to help as a “walking frame” when learning to walk.
  • Pregnant ladies have bought these step stools but we are not sure what they use them for.
  • Elderly people use them when cutting toe nails or for lacing up their shoes.
  • One purchaser can’t reach the bunk bed in their caravan. The footstool solves the problem.
References from NZ Recycled Rimu Footstool Customers
Margaret -Auckland
I found out about your footstools when searching online for a wooden step stool.
It will be most useful in the kitchen to reach the high shelves and, I’m sure, my grandson will love it for a seat and a step to reach the bench. I feel much happier supporting NZ made from local recycled timber than buying an ugly plastic step from The Warehouse! Many thanks and congratulations to your team of workers in your community efforts.
Kind regards

Karen - Auckland

Yes, arrived safely thank you. Keep it in pantry for reaching top shelf. Light enough to move where ever needed. Beautiful finish. Found online when searching for footstool and liked your community initiative.
Many thanks

Tabatha - Auckland

Yes it's great thanks! I have really tall cabinets in my kitchen, so it is just a stylish option for getting better access. I found you through a google search. I just searched "wooden footstool nz" it wasn't one of the first options that came up, but it did show lower down the list.

Christine - Whakatane

Yes -  the footstool arrived and I love it thanks.
I googled searched  ‘ rimu footstool’ and scrolled down - and came across your club selling them.
We’ve just replaced our kitchen and I can’t reach the higher cupboards - so I originally wanted it for that
But already the grandchildren have already used it as a seat/obstacle course jumpover  and multi purpose plaything.
Thank you 

Rick - Dunedin

We are enjoying the stool, very well made.
It is at our bach at Taieri Beach, see the pic below.
Take care.

Sara - Dunedin

Easy purchase, very quick, excellent communication and product. Very happy

Andrea– Christchurch

I am absolutely delighted

Nicola – Christchurch

It's Perfect

Melissa - Christchurch

Thank you for the second stool. I let my 4-year-old granddaughter pick which one she wanted. We love them.

Margaret - Auckland

The footstool has arrived and I’m delighted with it. It will be much used and admired, too!
Thanks and kind regards