Papanui Rotary Club Chat Snippets
12 Oct 2021
What a great presentation we were treated with last week by Dr Ben Harris on Covid.  He covered the topic thoroughly and certainly added to my understanding on the way the virus operates and how it has changed.
Our Can Collection is coming to a close with a good result given the issues with us being initially under Level2+.  Many thanks to everyone who supported it during quite challenging times.
Today I have sent out material to all members for the upcoming vote we will be making at our usual Thursday meeting on the 18th of November regarding the proposed Constitution of constituent clubs in our new D9999. 
It includes details on who to contact should you wish to find out more plus notes that a member of the team involved in the development process will also join us on the night we vote to share info and answer queries.
I look forward, as always, to seeing you all at this week’s meeting in support of Phill, one of our newest members, who will be giving his presentation where he will share with us some details of his background, hobbies and interests.
President Grant
Dr Ben Harris
Last week we were privileged to be taken on a journey through the amazing world of microbiology using Covid-19 as a basis for our education.
What a superb guide we had in Mr Ben Harris who had the knowledge and skill to impart information on a complicated topic with such clarity, using his 40+ years of experience in both the UK and New Zealand.
He explained the way various viruses worked and provided a clear explanation of the spread of Covid-19 and the evolving of the numerous mutations, including the Delta strain.
He had us all captivated and was bombarded with questions at the conclusion of his talk.
You can find many references to his work and learn more about it by checking his details on Google and reading through the many informative articles.
Calling all Can Collectors!
This is the last week for you to collect your cans for the City Mission.
Please ensure that you contact me or Deryn if you need your cans collected.
We will be arranging with City Mission to collect the cans next week. Every can helps so please play your part for our community if you have not yet collected any cans. It all helps!
Thanks everyone for your help.
Lois Flanagan
Interclub Target Shooting
Arie has been in touch with personnel from the Christchurch Target Shooting Association recently and found out that because of the need for social distancing and the fact that the guns are handled by multiple people this can only happen at Level One.
We have set a new date of Tuesday the 22nd of February and he has shared this with District Administrator Ken who included this change via his Friday mail out.
Food for Thought
“Together Everyone Achieves More”