Each year, Papanui Rotary runs a Trailer Raffle as a significant fundraiser. This started in 2016 and we are now in our eighth year.
We need the whole of the community to support this annual event. This year the Trailer is on display at Northlands Mall during NOvember 2023.
If you would like a book of tickets and cannot get to the Northlands Mall then call 021 224 4804 and all will be arranged.
An image of the trailer is shown below the prize list..
The First Prize (valued at $8,376) prize is:
  • High-sided Elite 8x4 Trailer
  • Outdoor Furniture Suite with Market Umbrella
  • Sunbeam Espresso Machine
  • Lawnmaster Lawn Mower
  • Stihl Chainsaw
  • Nutribullet
  • Oil Column heater
  • Comforter Bedspread & Pillows
  • Water Blaster and Decorative Plant Pots
  • Food Processor and Microwave
  • Cookware Set and Rice Cooker
  • Tipping Garden Cart
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Foot Spa
The Second Prize (valued at $2,084) prize is:
  • Char-Broil Four-burner Grill BBQ
The Third Prize (valued at $380) prize is:
  • Zip Small Appliance Pack: (Wok, Saucepan Set, Slow Cooker)
Papanui Rotary Trailer Raffle all ready to go at Northlands Mall
Do you want to help sell tickets?
We are asking for help with our Trailer Raffle tickets ($5 each or book of 5 for $20). We do not "sell" tickets, we simply setup our trailer in the Mall and people come to us.
The tickets sell themselves as the prizes are amazing, all proceeds go back to the community and it is run by Rotary.
This year's list of prizes can be viewed here
The current roster can be seen here. There are plenty of spare times where you can help.
This is Papanui Rotary's main fundraising project for the year, and is held in November  during normal Northland Mall hours. This is a fun activity, generally with two people helping at any one time.
We are not permitted to approach people so there is no 'hard selling' just a friendly face to greet people as they walk by. As you have to wear a mask you need to use your best "friendly eyes" gaze.
The tickets sell themselves as the prize is well worth winning. We just need people to collect the money, have a laugh as they interact with the customers and enjoy the company of whoever else is there with you. Generally shifts are for two hours, but we can arrange for one hour or more than two hours, depending on what suits. 

All Rotarians are issued with five books of tickets to sell to friends and family, so if you can help in this way, with or without doing time in the Mall, please let us know. 
Please contact Deryn Tregurtha 0211615861 or datregurtha@gmail.com
This year the proceeds are to be divided  between the Braintree Trust Community Health Garden, Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank Trust and Papanui Children in Need Trust.

Tickets are $5 each or you can buy a complete book of 5 tickets for only $20.

There are 10,000 tickets. The raffle is drawn under Police Supervision early in December.
Recent winners are pictured below.
Previous Winners