Helping the Community
University students at the University of Canterbury have a potentially life-changing opportunity to become a Rotary Associate as part of the university’s Emerging Leaders Development Program (ELDP).
The personal benefits include:
  • Community involvement and participation in Community Service Activities
  • Meeting new people – young and old
  • Improving Project leadership skills
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Ongoing personal growth
  • Access to experienced minds which can collectively answer any question you have for your future
  • Having fun while helping the community with all activities
Community Service and personal development
At the end of the year, those who are accepted in the Rotary Associates Program and who complete the service hours, presentation and reporting requirements will receive a Rotary Associate Program Commendation Certificate.
This certificate is a valuable document to add to your CV to provide evidence of your values, ability to serve and communicate with the community outside you’re the technical aspects of your university qualification.
Rotary is one of the largest, most established and trusted international charitable service organisation.
There are more than 1.2million Rotarians in clubs in almost every county. Rotary is made up of people who share a passion for and commitment to enhancing communities and improving lives across the world.
As a Rotary Associate you will be presented with opportunities to change lives by working on projects with local Rotary clubs here in Christchurch and also in your own home town.
At the same time you will have the opportunity to get a running start into developing social skills which are often as important as your professional qualifications.
The Rotary Associates Program is a local Canterbury initiative which may give you access to International Rotary programs such as the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (see the exciting opportunities at and the Aspiring Leaders Forum. The most dominant feedback from attendees of these two programs are “it was life changing and in one week I met friends for life.”
“Life changing” is a powerful phrase to come from young people but not surprising after being exposed for a few days to inspirational New Zealanders and also meeting like-minded people their own age.
Rotary loves helping young people be the best they can be.
We encourage you to apply to be a Rotary Associate and attend the interview so you can hopefully be another successful young New Zealander.
Help others in the community and have some fun.
The Rotary Associates program was presented to 2019 ELDP students through an Amazing Race event. A video of the event can be seen by clicking here.
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