Papanui Club Chat Snippets
21 Sept 2021
Spring is in the air with flowers, lawns (and weeds) starting to take off.  I took the opportunity to get into the garden and have sore muscles to prove it.
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While it is great that we can now have up to 100 attendees at various events, the 1-2 metre requirement remains and so the Papanui Club is still not an option at this time for in person meetings due to the room’s size.
Denis is looking into the option of using the Morrison Avenue Bowling Club which hopefully may be an option for next week.   Drinks would probably be BYO and we will also inquire re the possibility of snack food.  I will get back to you as soon as we have more information as I feel it is about time, we had a catch-up with each other in person.
In the meantime, we will not be having a Zoom meeting this Thursday as I was unsure what might have transpired at yesterday’s Covid announcements and did not want to organise someone to speak and then have to change or cancel them should we have had other options.
Dr Duncan Webb spoke at last week’s Zoom meeting which was well received by 12 attendees.  As Zoom may well remain a main “venue” going forward, we will be looking at how to support additional members attending these events as we have some excellent speakers in the wings.
President Grant
Dr Duncan Webb MP
Duncan began his speech by sharing that political decisions are never straight forward as, whatever is decided, the burden they cause is often unevenly spread as demonstrated by what Auckland is facing compared to the rest of the country.
The challenge is to make things as equitable as possible and, in the case of Covid in particular, ensure that the focus is on health which is a key driver in the Govt’s response.
“Many have lost a significant part of their income” noted Duncan.  “This has created a major shift in how people are currently living and many are feeling more vulnerable doing it hard in this 2nd round of lockdown” he explained.
One of the challenges that comes in being in an economy that is not strictly controlled is that it brings with it not knowing what comes next which creates other issues along the way.
“Rather than Govt being in the business of keeping companies profitable,” continued Duncan, “the focus is more on ensuring support for the whole in times of need.”
Govt is also focussed on aiming to achieve a resilient economy that is protected to a level that helps ensure things can improve and recover quickly.
We thanked Duncan for taking the time to join us and share his current thinking on the journey we are going through.
Wednesday Lotto
We hope to start the next round of Wednesday Lotto shortly. To do so we need another four or five people to invest in it.
All proceeds to go our Sister Club, Usa River RC, in Tanzania. Since running Lotto for them we have been able to supply beds and mattresses for a local orphanage as well as providing funds to give training to teenagers to enable them to get a job, otherwise they would be unemployed.
Lotto is a very easy way for members to assist our club in raising funds for international projects, one of the main objects of Rotary. The cost is $60, but there is a high chance you will win some, if not all, of this back. Well worth the gamble!!
The bank details to deposit your money is 03 1355 0661945 00 Papanui RC Charitable Trust Account.
Papanui Bush Opportunity
A group of NZ conservation volunteers will be at the Papanui Bush this Friday the 24th.  It is your chance for some in person fellowship and to find out what they do.
There will be some releasing and some planting.  A weed eater or two would also be of great help to cut back some of the young spring growth before it gets away.
We will start at 9.30 with morning tea at 10.30 on the new log seating (as above) with lots of fellowship that we have missed over the last few weeks and we will finish about noon.
Please bring your own flask of hot water.
Hope some of you can make it Friday. 
Christchurch Sunrise have had to postpone their e-collection day. It was to have been on 9 October but will now be some time in November. You will be notified.
Food for Thought
 “Persistence and resilience come from having been given the chance to work through difficult challenges.”