Posted by Gary Denhard

Papanui Rotary Rimu Footstools on display at Riccarton Market

Last Sunday, the club had a stall at the popular Riccarton Rotary Sunday Market.
We now have over 20 Rimu Footstools all oiled and ready for sale.
The idea was to see if we could sell a few footstools in one day at one event.
Over 20 finished footstools and 5 unfinished footstools were on display.
The event was organised by Youth Director, Gary Denhard, and he was helped on the day by Kathy Anderson and Simon Forsyth.
Liz provided some excellent signage to raise the profile.
The result was disappointing as only one footstool was sold.
Organiser Gary observed “this stall was to see if it would work as a channel to market for our footstools however did not work out as planned,”In hindsight, it seems the Rimu footstool price of $65 is a bit high for the average market attendee. Most people seem to be there for food and a bargain. They are looking for unique items that only cost a few dollars.
Stallholders around the Rotary stall said that last Sunday was also a very slow day for them. They said the weather was a little dodgy and many people who might normally attend were elsewhere doing their serious Xmas shopping in the malls.
Although a disappointing result, Gary said he enjoyed catching up with fellow Rotarians from Riccarton Rotary (who run the market) and Belfast-Kaiapoi Rotary (who were selling their new potatoes in vast quantities). Both clubs were out in force and reminded Gary of days when clubs were a lot more active than some clubs are today.
Gary recommends the new potatoes. They had them for dinner Sunday night. Delicious!