Papanui Rotary Club Chat Snippets
5 Oct 2021
Our second gathering back at the Papanui Club included guest speakers from the Community Engagement & Reintegration section at Community Corrections which was well received by those attending.
We have also been active in the community and I had the pleasure of joining the Papanui Rotary food box packing team at Aotearoa NZ Kilmarnock.  What a well-run team it is and, despite me being the newbie on board, we still managed to complete the task in just over one hour.
I have included in this Chat some info on a new initiative, One Million Masks, which is gathering steam in the Rotary world. 
I look forward to seeing you all this Thursday with our speaker being Dr Ben Harris, a medical microbiologist who has a real passion for "bugs".
President Grant
Karen & Pablo from Ara Poutama
Karen and Pablo, our speakers last week, spoke about their roles in Community Corrections.
Karen spoke about the main purpose of their work being the wellness and well-being of our community. They do this by:
  1. Supporting people through the Justice system and:
  2. Assisting rehabilitation by ensuring appropriate levels of support are put in place.
There are currently approximately 27,000 people throughout New Zealand under the care of Community Corrections. The Canterbury district has ~. 2,700 of these.
The major two challenges faced by people under Community Corrections are finding employment and suitable accommodation. Karen is dealing with their accommodation needs.
Pablo then spoke about the task of find employment for these people.
During the last 12 months his section has found work for 267 people and have assisted in the integration into the community of 2,246 people which is a great result with a challenging clientele.
Jim thanked Karen and Pablo for their insights into their work
Rotary Clubs based in Christchurch have been enriched by four unexpected visitors from Tonga including a Past President of the Nuku'alofa Rotary Club.
The Tongans, all members of the Tokyo Olympic Team were sent to MIQ in Christchurch due to them and other team members being stranded in New Zealand en route back to Tonga.
Another member is hold up in a motel in Queenstown with another with extended family in Auckland. Eight other members of the Team either made it home or are currently based in Australia or the USA.
Since making contact with Stuart Batty Rotary, the Team has been hosted by a number of clubs with members of our club taking them on day trips to the West Coast, Kaikoura and Akaroa.
The team are hopeful of a flight home towards the end of the month when on arrival in Tonga, another 21 days in isolation. It will be close to 5 months when they are eventually reunited with family.
Costs including the MIQ and subsequent accommodation are substantial and another club has arranged a fund raiser to support them.
The Rotary Container of DIK due to leave Christchurch within the month will include medical equipment that the PP has been able to source for the hospital in Tonga.
20% of every membership sold contributes to our fundraising.
Help us achieve our goal by sharing the link below with your friends and family - don't forget, they can purchase any one of the 21 Entertainment memberships available throughout NZ and Australia and we retain 20% of the purchase price!
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Thanks for your support:
Gordon & the Rotary Club of Papanui
One Million Masks Project
Item in Ken’s Mail-out by Adrienne Murray (Abridged).
This is a concept initially organised through ROZOPS to further support the people of Fiji who are suffering more than any other country on a per head of population basis.
With COVID on our doorstep in NZ we also have the opportunity to canvas our local schools throughout New Zealand, especially in communities that need support, as children over 12 are required to wear masks.
Lanaco Ltd has offered to continue their support of Fiji and New Zealand through Rotary and to supply masks in boxes of 10 at $23.50 a box.  The masks will all be stamped with the Rotary logo and the Lanaco brand.
The concept is that across New Zealand clubs will be asked to approach local schools and their communities via asking businesses, families or friends to fund the cost of a box, and will be given the opportunity, if they wish, to have the name of their school or logo put on the box.
For this to work we need as many clubs as possible involved. It is also a good opportunity to get all the clubs in New Zealand working together on a project that is not specifically within the RI tent.
(See Ken’s Mail-out for more info).
Ladies Breakfast
A second reminder that the Rotary Ladies breakfast will be on Saturday 11 December this year at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood.
A special surprise this year will be a lovely guest with some wonderful Christmas goodies to buy! 
Email Lois of your intention to attend this fun event at
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