Papanui Club Chat Snippets
28 Sept 2021
It was great to finally be back meeting in person at the Papanui Club last week.  I especially enjoyed seeing many of you in “3D” and we were treated to excellent speakers (see below) as an added bonus.
Six Club members including myself attended Philip Lamb’s funeral last Friday in support of Angela and Phil’s families.  At the end of a moving service, we were witnesses to the release of five white pigeons which is something I had never seen before.
Preparing for Releasing the Pigeons
Cheryl and I have received documentation about the upcoming formation of District 9999 which comes into existence on 1 July 2022.  It requires a constitution approved by the constituent clubs of the new district. 
We are awaiting a PowerPoint that is being prepared and will then organise a presentation and sharing of key documents including voting forms for all members.  This process needs to be completed no later than 19 November.  Our current preferred timeline is to have this completed by the end of October.
Can collections are going well.  Please contact Deryn to arrange a time to drop these off in her garage once you have finished collecting them from your drop-off locations.
I look forward to seeing you this coming Thursday at the Papanui Club.
President Grant
Our Guest Speakers Paige & Sue
Paige Sullivan spoke to us about the work of the Korowai Youth Well-being Trust which operates out of the 298 Youth Centre 298 Youth Hub and Dame and Sue Bagshaw spoke about the current progress in establishing the 298 Youth Hub.
Paige was a dynamic interesting speaker. The Korowai Trust’s goal is to ensure that the young people of Christchurch have the best chance to become healthy, fulfilled and contributing citizens to lead Christchurch into the future.
She outlined the Trusts goals and activities and then spent time promoting the latest project for the Trust which is to involve every Rotary Club in our area to contribute to the purchase of a vehicle to assist young clients to travel to appointments and to enable the Trust to make home visits to clients.
The target is $20,000 of which $13,500 has already been raised and we wished both Paige and Sue well with their endeavours going forward.
Children in Need Trust
Over the past four years we have had 84 applications to the trust, almost all of which have been granted and we have provided funds of $9555 to worthwhile causes.
This shows that not only has the Trust actively been paying grants to people, but that many agencies in our community are aware that we have the trust in place for those who need it.
The trust is very definitely working as intended and by putting money into it from our annual raffle then it will be there for many years to come.
Tony Tizard
Lotto Fundraiser
On the front page of our handbook the Fourth Object of Rotary reads:
The advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace.”
From our perspective, the easiest way to advance this is by financially helping our Sister Rotary Club in Tanzania. Our Wednesday Lotto draw is solely for this purpose. Please take a minute to give thought to those in Tanzania.
Food insecurity and poverty are the main challenges Tanzania faces today. Unemployment is the highest it has been since 2013.  2020 GDP per capita (USD) is 1,076 compared to 2020 GDP per capita (USD) in NZ of 41,791
There have been 25,674 Covid-19 cases so far in 2021 with 714 deaths.  This is a very easy way for us to raise funds for overseas projects. The more numbers taken, the more we raise. 
Can you afford to invest $60? If so please contact Deryn 0211615861.  Our bank details to deposit your contribution 03 1355 0661945 00 Papanui RC Charitable Trust Account.
We hope to start the next round of Wednesday Lotto shortly.
Three people are still to let me know if they wish to continue.  $60 for 20 draws. If I am holding winnings for you then you can reinvest them or the bank details are 03 1355 0661945 00.
Can Collection
Please contact Deryn (021 161 5861) to arrange pick up or drop off of cans or take them to Rotary on Thursday night. We would like to get these off to the City Mission as soon as possible.
Food Packing at Kilmarnock
A reminder that we will be assisting with Food packing at Foodbank Aotearoa, Kilmarnock Street this Thursday the 30th of September.
Anyone wishing to help, please contact Keith Mitchell on 359 1233 or 027 682 8979.
Ladies Breakfast
Rotary Ladies breakfast will be on Saturday 11 December this year at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood.
A special surprise this year will be a lovely guest with some wonderful Christmas goodies to buy! 
Save the date ladies! Delicious food, fun and special gifts to buy. 
Our latest Bush Arrival
Papanui Heritage Group
This local group are arranging a meeting at which some experts will talk about heritage trees and highlight those in the Papanui area.
The meeting will be of interest to members that have assisted in developing the Papanui Bush in Langdons Road.  The meeting will take place at 2.00 pm on Saturday 2nd October and you will be advised of the venue shortly.
Brain Tree Trust Golf Tournament
You will be aware that the club is assisting with this tournament and this is to advise that this has now been postponed until March 2022.
Food for Thought
 “Spring is when life becomes alive in everything.”