Papanui Rotary Club Chat Snippets
22 Nov 2021
This Thursday is the last night that there will be no EftPOS available at our meeting.  You can either (1) pay cash or (2) deposit the meal(s) cost into our Account # 03-1355-0892268-00.
Pip Stewart
Pip Stewart, the CEO of Brackenridge Services, spoke to us last week about the establishment of Brackenridge and the services they provide the disability community in Christchurch. Pip was accompanied by Laura Coleman, their Funding and Engagement Coordinator.
“Brackenridge began when the services provided by Templeton Training Centre closed. At that time they catered for 90 residents. Today they support over 200 people 24 hours a day” explained Pip.
Brackenridge now employs over 400 staff. Most are predominately health support workers. They provide community living to help people with intellectual disabilities.  Their motto is: ‘Empowering People - Enabling Good Lives.’
“Living with disability is a health issue” continued Pip and to emphasise this changes are in the pipeline to alter the funding provided by Government. Brackenridge is also working hard to improve accessibility legislation and positive changes are imminent.
Laura shared that in her role she enjoys engaging with local communities to enhance the lives of children, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism and feels it is a privilege to have the opportunity to inspire inclusivity and diversity and to work collaboratively with people and businesses to help achieve their goals.
Jim thanked our visitors for their insights into the valuable services Brackenridge provides.  You can find out more about Brackenridge here.
Trailer Raffle
Thank-you for those who helped out with the trailer raffle this past week.  The raffle has been going well overall with sales better than last year so far. 
We now only have one gap left with no takers which is this Saturday the 27th from 1:30-3:30 pm
Please visit the link here if you can help with this remaining spot or are able to help at other time slots during the week where there is currently only one person signed in.
Email your availability to Lois or Kathy so they can enter the dates & times you are able to help.
Rotary Ladies Breakfast
A reminder from Lois that our Rotary Ladies breakfast will be on Saturday 11 December this year at 20 Mistral Road, Northwood. A special surprise this year will be a lovely guest with some wonderful Christmas goodies to buy! 
Save the date ladies! Delicious food, fun and special gifts to buy. Please reply to me by text at 021 735 404 or email me at by 4 December. 
Hans’ Totara
Denis sent this picture through of this plant that we planted at Papanui Bush as a Totara Award a couple of years ago.  It is now a couple of metres and in flower.
Proposed Traffic Light System
FYI … a useful summary.
Food for Thought