Papanui Rotary Club Chat Snippets 
10 May 2022
Last Thursday we were delighted to hear from Club Member Jenny about her experiences during a trip through the Ukraine.  She was ably assisted by her husband Geoff on slide show duty.
Jenny visited the Ukraine in October 2013.  She flew from St Petersburg to the Crimea with a budget Russian airline which was an experience in itself and joined the tour party in Yalta. 
The Promenade at Yalta
Jenny spent three days seeing the sights and then moved across southern Ukraine to the Dneiper River, the longest river of Ukraine and Belarus, where their group joined a river cruise at Kherson.  “We made a day trip to Odessa which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe” noted Jenny.  She was unsure what type of instrument the person below was playing in Odessa.
A musician in Odessa
The group then travelled up the river until they reach Kyiv (below) which had some amazing architecture.  “Kyiv itself is a very beautiful and historic city. It has the oldest monasteries and churches in all of Russia” said Jenny.
It was a very insightful tour because many of the places they visited took them closer to understanding the Ukraine and its determination to be free of Russian control.  Jenny was in the Crimea four months before the Russians seized it and so had reasonably interesting guides who could talk about its cultural and historical significance to all Russians and Ukrainians.
A yard in a Lavidian Palace where the 1945 Yalta Conference was held.
On the way up river the group visited many towns that are closely connected with the war today.  They also visited a Ukrainian village where we had a lunch and heard of their experiences during the great famine of the 30s which was imposed by Stalin so that he could build dams by selling the Ukrainian grain overseas to earn foreign currency.
This interesting picture demonstrates a typical area for sunbathing and how very little room you often had in areas where the population was crowded.
“I came away with a deep understanding of the country, its people, and a sound knowledge of its culture & history” concluded Jenny.
Mark thanked Jenny for her insights into what she experienced on her trip through the Ukraine and her slides that showed the fascinating architecture, places and insights she experienced during her trip.
A Sad Loss
It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Jennie Barltrop last Friday evening. Charles was by her side as she slipped away in Christchurch Hospital. 
Messages may be addressed to The Family of the late Jennie Barltrop, c/- PO Box 5058, Christchurch 8053. In lieu of flowers, donations to Blind Low Vision NZ, Guide Dogs, would be appreciated and may be made online at
A Celebration of Jennie's life will be held in the Lamb & Hayward Westpark Chapel, 467 Wairakei Road, Burnside on Saturday, May 14, at 10.00am.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Charles and his family.
Tony & Grant
(Note: included with Charles' permission)
You are cordially invited to the 2022  
Papanui Rotary Women’s
Pink Ribbon Breakfast Fundraiser
When: Saturday 21st May 2022
Time: 9.30am
Where: 17c Ramore Place, Redwood
Dress code: As pink as you wish
RSVP: by 17/5/22
In Lois’s absence, and with her good wishes, hosted by Deryn and Kathy
You can donate cash, or we will have the EftPOS machine available. We’ll also have a raffle, lots of yummy food, and lots of fun and laughter.

Bridgestone Working Bees: “We need your help.”
As you may know the Papanui Rotary Club has been planting in the Bridgestone Reserve (Papanui Bush) for some years. Now is the time to complete some planting and to make a good presentation for the Braintree which opens in four weeks’ time. Late Autumn planting is best.
The next upcoming dates are as follows:
Friday 13th May: NZ Conservation Volunteers (9.00 am start). Good opportunity to mix with “new” people.  We are hoping to have the PRESS attend this event.
Tuesday 17th May:  NZ Conservation Trainees, a group training for a job in Conservation, will be coming to help us starting at 9:00 am.
Friday 27th May:  This is our pre-Arbor Day “Big Push” Community Plant & BBQ day.
For more info please contact Denis McMurtrie at (021) 125 1920.
 Calculating your Rotary Club’s Carbon Footprint (Abr)
Global warming and Climate Change are having a significant impact on our planet.  At the UN COP26 event at Glasgow there was universal agreement on the need to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.
Most of us going about our daily lives cause greenhouse gas emissions.  You may have seen carbon emission values on your power bill or airline ticket.  But let’s not forget the impact of our Rotary activities, our club meetings, projects & conferences.
Yes! Carbon dioxide emissions do occur when we meet at our Rotary Club.  These result from the way we travel to meetings; the type of electricity used for lighting, presentations, and heat control; even the food we eat and how it is cooked. 
Projects & conferences may also involve significant travel.  Whilst we don’t want to stop any of these activities, we should recognise what is occurring and consider sensible changes to reduce our footprint.
Over the last 18 months an ESRAG international team from NZ, Australia, UK, & the US developed the idea of creating a tool that could properly estimate the carbon footprint of your Rotary club.  This idea has now been extended for the Oceania region using certifiable emission factors. 
There is a pathway for other regions to develop a calculator with appropriate emission factors. The major sources of emissions for Clubs are:
  • Travel to meetings, events and projects
  • Meals and drinks
  • Electricity and other power sources at the venue
  • Overnight accommodation and air travel for projects and conferences
  • Waste.
The calculator uses data collected by the Club to provide a detailed report showing the source of carbon emissions, allowing the development of an effective emissions reduction plan.  It is anticipated Clubs will also seek to offset any remaining emissions by investing in carbon credits or reduction projects typically tree planting or forest regeneration.
Details about the calculator, data collection forms, as well as reduction & offset tips can be found on our website   ESRAG Oceania is launching the Carbon Calculator for the use by any Club in Australia and NZ at its meeting on Thursday 19 May  at 7.25pm AEDT.  Please book via Humanitix:
A reminder that we are collecting for Aviva (Live Free from Violence) at Northwood New World on May the 20th.  We could still do with a couple more people so there are at least two per shift. 
Contact Keith on if you can help.
This Thursday we welcome Peter Moore, the Chief Fire Officer & Manager Airfield Operations of Christchurch International Airport who will share his interesting role with us.
Next week (the 19th) … speakers being finalised … details coming shortly.
Please make sure you email Deryn via if you are not coming to our weekly meetings.
 Food for Thought