Papanui Club Chat Snippets
7 Sept 2021
How things can change in 24 hours!  With our move back to an amended Level 2 tomorrow, I took the opportunity to talk to our meetings location today and they are facing some challenges as operational requirements are a lot more stringent than the last time we returned to Level 2.
At this stage we will not be meeting there this week, and possibly not next week, as they are currently evaluating what might be possible and how the required changes might be able to accommodate both us and their wider membership going forward.
In the meantime I am looking at having ZOOM meetings set up for us both DAY / TIMES this & next week in the interim which will hopefully include a speaker for the latter one. 
Take care and stay safe:
President Grant
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Submitted by Stuart
Greetings from Arusha!
Here we are wrapping up our fourth quarter, which means it is time to evaluate the last 12 months of all things Hi5 and Jobortunity! Even with the uncertainty that the global pandemic has brought, we have managed to keep our core mission program on track, offering the Training of Youth program every six months with a full class.
There have been new challenges, but our team has admirably faced each one with creativity and determination to fulfil our NGO’s mission of supporting vulnerable youth. If anything, this moment has made our team stronger and more dedicated.
We have welcomed over 60 new students into the one-year Training of Youth program and introduced them to the world of Hi5. We have graduated 47 motivated youth bringing our total of alumni to 498 and making us proud. We have trained and coached over 30 supervisors and managers at Oasis Young Plants and Fides Tanzania. We have increased our staff by 2, adding two new trainers to the team: one in management and one entry level who is also a recent Jobortunity graduate.
Our 12-year birthday is approaching and we hope this year we can finally celebrate with the events we have been planning and postponing throughout the pandemic. We are waiting for the right time that our students, alumni, friends and family of Jobortunity can celebrate safely together. Some of my naïve optimism from the last Newsletter has been dampened by the reality of on-going global rise in cases, increased travel restrictions and forced quarantines.
If anything, here at Jobortunity we have become more vigilant for the safety of our staff and students.
“If you go down to the bush today you can be sure of a big surprise!”
Denis spied this kingfisher in our Papanui Bush looking for some of Kathy's jam scones. It was a most exciting discovery: a new native in our forest. 
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