Posted by Gary Denhard


Since 2019 Ngutuawa Schhol had had a relationship with Christchurch Sunrise Rotary Club which has resulted in four significant projects being completed:
 - Library Project
 - Christmas Gift project
 - Garden Project
- -School Uniform project
The initial Library Project was significant and resulted in the school now having a modern library with new shelves, books, computer, scanner, bar-codes, covers and organising a book database.
The Christmas Gift Project in 2020 resulted in donations of a gift to each the children.  Sports goods appropriate to each age were given.
The Garden Project was the arranging of  new school garden, with raised beds, two sheds, fencing, irrigation and work table.
The Uniform Project involved the provision of new uniforms. This expensive project  was supported by obtaining local businesses and trusts for help. Now the pupils look amazing.
For more information go to the Sunrise Rotary web page by clicking here .