Posted by Gary Denhard


Quality masks are to be made available for NZ students who need them but their families can’t afford them.
Rotary has launched its One Million Masks initiiative through the Rotary Club of Porirua by providing Porirua College with just over 2,000 masks, which is enough for their students until the end of this educational year.
Rotary has decided that, where schools wish to participate, they will support them by the purchase of these masks on their behalf.
The Lanaco masks are N95 level and NZ ISO certified and are exactly the same as those specifically developed for and worn in Tokyo by New Zealand’s Olympics team.
Porirua College principal Ragne Maxwell says this offer from One Million Masks is “like manna from heaven”.
If your school has students from families struggling to find the money for quality masks then contact Papanui Rotary ( and they will facilitate action through your nearest Rotary Club.