Halloween is “Go” for Friday Oct 30th
Great news - yes it is all on! 
I know how much you all enjoyed the event last year so please put your hand up to help for 2-3 hours again. Many of you suggested that we have a BBQ at this year’s event and we are going to run with this to cover some of the costs for this free family event.
The help and jobs required are as follows;
  • 6 people to help erect and pack up the Gazebo and erect banners.
  • 6 people to blow up balloons, tie together and secure at poles around Gazebo, help with Collect, erect our Papanui Rotary Wand and pack up at the end.
  • 8 -10 people to set up and take down 5 stations around the trees (items supplied).
  • 4 people to stamp children’s sheets and on the hand when they hand in their sheets.
  • People to give out bags of sweets to the children at the finish line once sheets handed in.
  • 4 people to help run the BBQ including transport, set up and pack up.
  • 2 more people at the end to help pack everything up.
Can anyone help with sourcing sausages at a good price please?
Bread can be purchased from Couplands and tomato & mustard sauce will also be purchased.
Any further suggestions welcomed to make this an even more enjoyable event so get involved and join in the fun.
Contact Liz to put your name down to help.