Give Every Child a Future Project
Liz Courtney shared some key information about our Centenary Project for the Pacific which was chosen as it was deemed likely to have the most impact.
“A number of children in these regions die young, and our aim is to significantly reduce this with three effective vaccines” explained Liz.
So far there are 27 grants being applied for and some are already in progress.  One target is to reduce the effects of the two biggest killers, pneumonia and diarrhoea.
UNICEF is working closely with the Ministry of Health in order to lower the mortality levels over three years by vaccinating the most disadvantaged children and adolescent girls across what is a challenging and remote region.
“These vaccines are effective, and we are ready to go once flights allow” noted Liz.
At this time Covid is not a threat, but there is concern about low immunisation levels.  This will be included with the other vaccine rollouts. 
Liz concluded by noting that the overall result will also help strengthen our borders by improving our neighbours’ situation and she suggested we can support this project by sharing with others what we are doing, seeking Corporate sponsorship and subscribing to the project’s website which is located here.