Posted by Gary Denhard on Feb 04, 2022


Gary Denhard’s Recycled Rimu Footstool project had been progressing however sales had stalled so Gary used his Digital Marketing skills to enhance the footstool project page on the club’s website to ensure they were found in Google searches and prospective customers could easily buy from the website. He also tried selling through TradeMe and Facebook Marketing again.
As a result, he sold 19 footstools in 18 days which meant $1,242.08 has gone into club funds.
The total number of footstools sold to date is now 69.
Gary’s work also increased the profile of the club’s website. If anyone does a search for Rotary Clubs in Papanui they will easily find the club website but you will also see a significant “profile box” filling the right hand side of the screen. This does not happen with most other clubs.