Every Rotarian an Example to Youth
A little bit of interesting history … (abridged).
The ABCs of Rotary by Cliff Dochterman
1992-93 President Rotary International
In much of the official literature of Rotary International relating to service to young people, a special slogan will be found: "Every Rotarian an Example to Youth." These words were adopted in 1949 by the Rotary International Board of Directors as an expression of commitment to children and youth in each community in which Rotary clubs exist.
Serving young people has long been an important part of the Rotary program. Youth service projects take many forms around the world. Rotarians sponsor athletic teams, handicapped children's centres, school safety patrols, summer camps, recreation areas, safe driving clinics, fairs, childcare centres and children's hospitals.
Many clubs provide vocational counselling, establish youth employment programmes, and promote use of the 4-Way Test. Increasingly, drug and alcohol abuse prevention projects are being supported by Rotarians. In every instance, Rotarians have an opportunity to be role models for the young men and women of their community.
One learns to serve by observing others. As our youth grow to become adult leaders, it is hoped each will achieve that same desire and spirit to serve future generations of children and youth.
It is a very thoughtful challenge: "Every Rotarian an Example to Youth."  The slogan accepted many years ago is just as vital today.